Monday, October 17th, 2022
Early this morning our station was dispatched to a fully involved structure fire at the 1700 block of Rose Valley Road in Hepburn Township. There were many additional fire departments called to assist...
Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 / Williamsport Bureau of Fire / Williamsport Firefighters Local 736 / Montoursville Fire Department / Old Lycoming Twp Vol Fire Co / Hepburn Township Volunteer F...
Family members and friends gathered Wednesday morning at Sanders Mortuary in Williamsport to remember Sharon Tempesco, 77, a life member of the Hepburn Township Volunteer Fire Company, who died last w...
Lou Hunsinger, Jr.Volunteer fire companies and ambulance services face major manpower shortages and challenges these days. In a bid to adequately deal with this, three volunteer fire companies in nort...
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Room with Sprinkler System
With help from firefighters, the room with the sprinkler system only suffers from minor fire, smoke, and water damage. All of your belongings are saved as well as less danger to our communities emergency fire personnel
Room without Sprinkler System
Room and Contents were fully involved within a minute
Sprinklers SAVE lives and property
Our government has implemented the installation of sprinkler systems in NEW home construction. While HTVFC does not endorse or condemn the decision, HTVFC has demonstrated the effects of a home with a Sprinkler System versus a home without a Sprinkler System the past two years for Fire Prevention Week. Our goal is to show our community the benefits of having sprinkler systems in your home. Needless to say, the building on the left has no protection and the building on the right has sprinkler protection
3 entries in the Picture gallery

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